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Discover the easiest and fastest way to get cash for your junk car in the USA. Our online scrap car value calculator gives you an instant, fair quote for your vehicle, regardless of its condition. With just a few clicks, find out how much your scrap car is worth and get paid quickly.

How to Calculate the Scrap Value of a Vehicle?

Calculating a vehicle's scrap value involves assessing several factors, including the car's weight in metal, its make and model, age, overall condition, and current metal prices in the market. Special features or valuable parts can also add to the value.

Consider these examples:

  1. Metal Weight Calculation: If a car weighs 2,000 pounds and the current scrap metal price is $0.10 per pound, the scrap value for the metal parts alone would be 2,000 x $0.10 = $200.
  2. Part-Specific Value: Certain parts, such as catalytic converters, engines, or alloy wheels, have individual values. For instance, a catalytic converter might fetch between $50 and $200, depending on the car model and metal content.
  3. Complete Vehicle Scrap Value: Combining metal weight value with specific valuable parts. If the metal scrap is $200 and parts fetch an additional $300, the total scrap value could be around $500.

Prices fluctuate based on metal market prices and part demand, so these examples serve as a basic guideline. For precise calculations, please use the scrap car value calculator, and we will give you the most accurate pricing based on the current market value.

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